The Application Deadline for Sound Bridge has been extended by 1 week to March 31

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DEADLINE Applications are due by March 31, 2023 2:59 PM EST (11:59 pm in Armenia & Georgia, 10:59 pm in Türkiye).

NOTIFICATION Applicants will be notified of the review panel decision by May 10 2023.

PROGRAM Sound Bridge 2023 will take place July 10, 2023 - July 31, 2023.

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Who is eligible to apply?

See the ELIGIBILITY page.

How do musicians apply to become Sound Bridge Fellows?

Start your application by registering for an account.

When can musicians apply? When is the application deadline?

Applications for the program are open now, and are due by March 31, 2023 at 2:59 pm EST (11:59 pm in Armenia & Georgia, 10:59 pm in Türkiye).

Do I have to be a certain age to apply to Sound Bridge?

Applicants must be between 20-40 years old during the dates of program (July 2023).

What are the eligible countries and territories?

Armenia, Georgia, and Türkiye.

What are the selection criteria that will be used to judge Sound Bridge applications?

Sound Bridge applicants will be judged on three major criteria, which are weighted evenly: (1) Artistic Excellence and Innovation; (2) Collaborativity (experience and interest in working with musicians across genres); and (3) Social Engagement (commitment to the betterment of their local and global communities).

Can I apply if I am from one of the eligible countries, but currently living in a non-eligible country?

While we are sensitive to the fact that many countries have an extensive diaspora, in order to be eligible for Sound Bridge, applicants must be a resident of one of the three eligible countries.

Can I apply if I am currently a resident of one of the eligible countries, but am originally from elsewhere?

You are only eligible for Sound Bridge if you are a legal resident of Armenia, Georgia, and Türkiye. It is not required that you be a citizen of those countries to apply.

Are musical groups able to apply together?

Sound Bridge Fellows must apply individually and will be selected as individuals. However, several members of a group are welcome to apply separately.

Are U.S. musicians also eligible?


Will Sound Bridge fellows receive a per diem (also called “Meal and Incidental Expenses")?

Yes. Fellows will receive a reduced per diem rate during the residency, as during this time all of their meals will be provided. During travel days and during the stay in Tbilisi, Fellows will receive a full daily per diem to cover the costs of meals and incidental expenses.

What is the selection process? When will artists be identified?

All applications will be reviewed by a Sound Bridge Selection Committee made up of Found Sound Nation staff, U.S. Department of State staff, and accomplished Guest Panelists. Selected Fellows will be notified by May 10 2023, and will have one week to confirm their participation in the program.

How many artists will be selected?

12 participants will be selected, including approximately 5 residents of Armenia, 2 residents of Georgia, and 5 residents of Türkiye.

What media samples are applicants expected to submit?

Applicants can submit music (via streaming links or mp3s), videos, and links to their websites.

Do I have to be a full-time professional musician to apply?

No, we encourage advanced students and highly skilled semi-professional musicians to apply. (We understand that music isn’t always the easiest way to make a living!)

Are non-musicians who work in related fields eligible to apply?

Sound Bridge is only open to musicians, although we do encourage musicians to apply who also work in other fields.

Do Sound Bridge applicants have to play a particular genre of music?

Musicians from any genre or background are encouraged to apply. We are looking for musicians who have achieved an advanced proficiency in styles and skills such as (but not limited to): folk music, hip hop, electronic music, traditional music, jazz, experimental, classical, sound-art installations, DJing, audio engineering, etc.

Do participants need to speak English?

Participants should have a basic grasp of English in order to participate in ensembles and creative sessions.

What are the costs of the Sound Bridge program for participants?

All costs will be covered for Sound Bridge Fellows, including travel and accommodation. Fellows will also receive a per diem and a stipend of $1500 USD, and will be eligible for an additional seed grant of $1000 USD.

Will Sound Bridge help secure Visas to enter the Georgia?

Fellows from some countries may require a visa to travel to Georgia. The U.S. State Department and participating embassies will assist with the visa process.

How long will participants stay in Georgia?

The entire program will take place in Georgia, and will be approximately three weeks in length.

What will the participants do while in Georgia?

While in Georgia the Fellows will participate in a residency in the Lakhushdi House of Song, during which they will develop and rehearse original material. They will then travel to Tbilisi, during which they will perform the music they developed and rehearsed during the residency period.

Where will we be staying, and what will we be eating?

The Lakhushdi House of Song provides rustic but comfortable accommodation in the village of Lakhushdi in the upper Svaneti region of Georgia. Most of us will be asked to share lodging rooms at the residency, but there is ample work and rehearsal space, and beautiful views. Food will be provided by Lakhushdi House of Song and will feature traditional, homemade Georgian meals. We can easily accommodate any dietary restrictions or guidelines.

Can I participate in only part of the program?

No, Sound Bridge Fellows must commit to participating in the entire program: July 10-31, 2023.

Will there be activities for Sound Bridge Fellows after the program?

Yes. We encourage our Fellows to be part of a vibrant and growing Found Sound Nation online community, through which Fellows continue to be able to collaborate on new works and project ideas.